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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2007|08:57 pm]
Watching the Democratic debate with my folks at their house.  Damn, I wish Kucinich or Richardson had a chance!
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peachy [May. 29th, 2007|11:36 am]
Russia tests long-range missile
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2007|08:26 pm]
Tosca was fantastic. 
And topical.
 -- All right, pally, you better tell us where you're hiding that dissident!
 -- Where's your evidence that I'm hiding any dissident?  You looked all over the place and didn't find him.
 -- That just proves he's very well hidden!

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A couple of local attractions I highly recommend [May. 14th, 2007|10:50 am]
The Fort at No. 4
They have reenactments -- Revolutionary War, French and Indian War, Highlands battles, etc.  Crafts and games and whatnot abound.  On regular days you can just go and walk and look around.
Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site
Lots of concerts, and a big lawn for such.  Regular days:  walk around and look at sculptures.
Mount Ascutney
It's a volcano!!!
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So it goes. [Apr. 12th, 2007|10:30 pm]
Nice obit.
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(no subject) [Apr. 8th, 2007|01:19 pm]
Happy Easter!  Went to St. Paul's Episcopal Church this morning, for something to do and to sing and because I felt homesick and so forth.  Today is a warm and flowery day.  You can smell dirt and hear birds.  Crows were sitting in pairs on the building next door, earlier.  One couple kept rubbing their heads together in a cute way.

It was fun to go for pel'meny with Laura and Ry last night.  I wish I hadn't been so sleepy, but I was glad to be woken up to go along.  I should've worn socks though, a big patch skin on my left big toe was all torn off.  Ow.  My toe.
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QJFCP -- Spring 2007! [Mar. 20th, 2007|09:13 pm]
Our e-'zine is back again!
(We have temporarily exceeded our teeny tiny data transfer limits so you might not be able to see it all yet....)
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2007|09:16 pm]
"Some of the deployments can be financed by cutting "lower priority federal programs," according to a document issued March 9 by the Office of Management and Budget...Most affected by the cuts are the departments of Education, Agriculture, Transportation and Housing and Urban Development. Some of the offsets come from programs Bush has tried to kill before, such as the Department of Education's "Enhancing Education Through Technology" and "Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership" grant programs." -- USA Today 3/11/09
Hahahaha, sure, why the hell would we need any of that?!
Screw this "surge." Let's ALL go to Iraq, where our money is. All 300 million of us.
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Two good things I heard about today on Public Radio International's "The World." [Mar. 7th, 2007|07:14 pm]
Magic Kabob  (Transcript of the story, it's not long, and a great read.  Umm, I was listening with headphones at work and the ending made me cry ... pretended to have eye allergies.)
I'm From Barcelona   (a band.  A Swedish band with 29 people and a MySpace. This was their artist o' the day and there's an audio link on The World's site, but I felt like linking to their MySpace because I think it might be more permanent.  And I want to hear more from these guys!)
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Real flashpoint: Shishmaref [Mar. 3rd, 2007|08:55 am]
Washing away.
I can't stand the way the deniers tend to ridicule these stories.  "Oh, a few 'little people' -- some 'Eskimos,' some South Sea Islanders...." as if the identity of the people themselves were a big joke.  

As if:
....people minding their own business, not invading anyone, should have to be all "cool" and philosophical about giving way to others' convenience and politics -- not protest, not sue, just shrug for the camera and say something bland about fading traditions and the march of progress; 
....no one ever heard of the canary in the coal mine.
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